Dynamics 365 Dealers

Focused specifically on automotive sub-sectors, such as vehicle distribution and importing companies, large groups of brand-name dealers, import companies and rental companies for all types of industrial machinery.

Dynamics 365 Concesionarios

Dynamics 365 Concesionarios

Dynamics 365 Dealers

Dynamics 365 Dealers, global, comprehensive and scalable, using Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, is based on years of experience and knowledge in the best practices acquired by working with leading companies in the automotive and heavy machinery sector.

The solution, which is fully integrated for automotive and equipment dealerships, offers a wide range of features that support all of the important processes within vehicle and equipment dealerships for construction, agriculture and forestry.

The system uses the standard features of Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as additional features specially designed to support the dealership industry.



Aimed at multi-brand dealer groups.
This means having the option of configuring these companies with inter-company processes and having the necessary interfaces for communications with the brands.

Based on a global technology platform.
Which provides for all of the areas in a dealership.
Includes the analysis of information.

With Business Intelligence tools and complete mobility, regardless of the device used.

It has a sales function for used and new vehicles and machines.
Includes trade-in valuations and a purchase and sale process as an integral part of the new sales function.

As regards post-sale, it enables creating service and maintenance packages to improve service levels.
These include maintenance scheduling and maintenance plans, resource planning, vehicle or machine service history review, and a claims management system integrated into service cases.

All areas of the application have document management support.
So you can link any type of documentation or website addresses to any transaction in the system: electronic invoices, contracts, technical documentation, etc.

The entire solution is Web-based (HTML5).
In this way you have total mobility regardless of the device used.



Simplify infrastructure and reduce costs.
Simplify your hardware and maintenance infrastructures and reduce the total cost of ownership, covering all the most important processes, increasing transparency, data quality and understanding of the context of such data.

Increase your productivity.
By effectively programming resources, maintenance plans, the use of materials and an extensive incident management system that supports providing excellent customer service, enabling strict control over costs and revenues.

Improve relationships with your suppliers.
Obtain higher quality data and easily interact with your suppliers, thanks to an open architecture.

Boost the growth of your business.
Improve performance, visibility, rationalization of operations, standardization tasks and outlook on processes in a renewed way.

Stay on the cutting edge of technology.
Obtain the benefits of full functionality for the sector and the most integrated technology platform on the market.