Unit4 Travel and Expenses

The most complex expenses to process in a company are those made in travel and living expenses, since they usually do not have a forecast, there are suppliers that are not certified and they arise unexpectedly at any time and area.

Unit4 Travel and Expenses

Unit4 Travel and Expenses

Unit4 Travel and Expenses

With the SII (Immediate Supply of Information) model entering into force —which obliges companies to send via telematics all invoices received within a period of four working days— organizations need to have access to administration departments with an optimal level of automation in the management of invoices.

In the most automatic way possible, organizations need to process travel and living expenses; not doing so implies incurring administrative costs.

The solution, Unit4 Travel and Expenses, integrated with ERP, turns this process into an improved experience for companies and employees.



Automation in the management of trips and expenses.
Unit4 Travel and Expenses automates the completion of settlements, the control of spending policies, auditing and accounting.

VAT recovery.
Considerably facilitates VAT recovery, greatly reduces paper management and improves the global knowledge of these types of costs that, in most companies, are hardly ever controlled.

Data capture and integration of information.
The solution takes a process that is very tedious for users, and turns it into something simple, fast and pleasant to manage, with data capture at the moment, card information integration, management of authorizations and in accordance with company policies that enables accounting closures without bottlenecks.

App integration.
Unit4 Travel and Expenses is a solution certified by the AEAT and integrates apps for managing information from mobile devices, allowing you to photograph receipts, fill in expense notes and manage approval processes, without having to be present in the office.



Regulate the budget and control costs.
Unit4 Travel and Expenses ensures the high visibility and accuracy of data, allowing you to adjust budgets and control costs.

Comply with legal deadlines.
The process will be more efficient with a correct entry of expenses and before the deadlines set by law, thus satisfying your employees with a quick refund of these expenses.

Save by reducing process costs.
Active process cost tracking provides significant savings for your company, eliminating the duplicity of jobs that do not add value.

Minimize travel expenses.
Travel expenses are reduced, establishing company policies and anticipating unnecessary or excessively costly expenses, giving your employees more flexibility, always within the established parameters, in choosing the most satisfactory travelling conditions.