Azure Services

Machine learning

Build smarter applications.
Machine learning examines large amounts of data, searching for patterns and generating new codes in the data structure to group these patterns, which enables us to leverage them with new points of view.

Apply statistical techniques to large sets of data.
Machine learning applies statistical techniques to large sets of data. These techniques generate data models that can help us provide our solutions with intelligence: fraud detection, identity assurance, forecasts, prevention, etc.

Help your team to obtain the best results.
Conveniently choosing the data, generating the models and deciding which models provide us with added value is a task for which a new and growing role in companies is advisable: the profile of the Data Scientist.
By means of the Business Intelligence Department, we make available to your organization a Data Scientist profile, thus helping your team obtain the best results from this disruptive technology, which will give you a competitive advantage in your market.

Do not put limits on processing capacity.
Machine learning (Azure ML) is a service included in Microsoft Azure, which means that there are no limits to the processing capacity; all the knowledge that is generated and its management can be carried out in any location, only with the help of a terminal and a browser.

Anticipate events.
Through the power of Azure ML statistical and predictive systems your organization will be able to react to the changes that are taking place in your business.

Control your data models from start to finish.
Microsoft's ML Studio puts at your disposal the management of machine learning in a graphic environment that controls the entire process from start to finish; creating projects, experimenting with the data and deploying in the organization the models that provide us with knowledge and value.

Discover what is hidden in your data.
The knowledge and interpretation of your data provides relevant information for the optimization of your business, making it available to employees who need it at any place and time.
Make successful decisions.

Thanks to the most disruptive tool in information technologies you can differentiate yourself and get ahead of the competition.

Machine Learning