Dynamics 365 Distribution

Stand out from the competition in an environment with products that have very short life cycles and customers that are increasingly demanding.

Dynamics 365 Distribution
Dynamics 365 Distribution
Dynamics 365 Distribution

Dynamics 365 Distribution is a global, comprehensive and scalable solution based on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which enables managing all the processes necessary for the work of distribution and logistics, both for the European market as well as the international market.

Among its many features and functionalities, the solution enables knowing the theoretical profitability of any operation carried out by the company, from the beginning to the end —be it an offer or an order— thus being able to compare theoretical profitability with what is real, thanks to the implementation of our own valuation system for cash flow.


Enables the management of the dynamic supply chain.
Obtaining appropriate information in real time, in order to have a wider picture. A dynamic supply chain employs business intelligence and analytic methods that make it easier to efficiently predict the changes that occur in the market, not only by means of historical facts, but also by integrating predictive and prescriptive processes.

The solution is omni-channel.
Enabling total management in receiving opportunities or sales orders, by any means and type of customer.

Procurement can be calculated automatically.
Given the configuration flexibility and policy setting for each product. Suppliers can depend on the Self-Service Portal and make purchase comparisons to select the best option in time, price and quality.

It has a complete quality module.
Which allows you to configure any type of test as regards customers, suppliers or products, at any point in the process: entry, exit or operation.

The entire solution is Web-based (HTML5).
In this way you have total mobility regardless of the device used.


Integrate the entire supply chain.
Dynamics 365 Distribution enables integral management of the supply chain, optimizing your inventory and reducing storage costs by means of improving the efficiency of warehouse operations.

Increase your sales.
Sales are increased due to multi-management in the entry of delivery orders and a high-performance sales force.

Make decisions based on reliable data.
The solution facilitates making decisions based on reliable information (single data), by means of multiple analytical dimensions and for any period of time.

Keep your customers satisfied.
Enables you to adequately respond to queries or claims from customers, thanks to the control of traceability in every sense: from origin to destination, by process and from destination to origin, thus improving customer satisfaction and increasing loyalty.

Stay on the cutting edge of technology.
Obtain the benefits of full functionality for the sector and the most integrated technology platform on the market.