Dynamics 365 Lawyers: The management solution for the legal sector challenges.

Dynamics 365 Lawyers: The management solution for the legal sector challenges.

There is no doubt that the current scenario presents significant challenges to a law firm. Firstly, because the internationalization of legal services offers the opportunity to expand its activity, but, at the same time, increases competition by introducing foreign firms in local markets.


On the other hand, the entry into force of the General Regulation of data protection, at a European level, implies a substantial change in the procedures of processing and the management of personal data, to which it must be added the growing use of digital technology for the legal services delivery online through specific software. This trend, known as legaltech, seeks to save time to professionals regarding procedures and management, expanding and renewing too, the way to contact customers.


Finally, the so-called the millennial generation, used to the digital technology, belong to the new professionals who are currently incorporated to organizations. The ability to leverage his vision to renew, will be as important as to reduce costs and to respond to the challenge of cyber security, an essential aspect to a profession which duties include the custody of confidential information.

The digital transformation of the legal sector: what is the situation of your company?  

To take on all these challenges, and make them an opportunity for the development and growth of your company, it will be possible if you count with an optimum technological tool for the digital transformation. A first appropriate step to approach this process is, logically, to assess the degree of digital maturity that your firm currently has. You can find out with a simple test that will reveal the position from which your business stands on this path. A path that, should not be forgotten, as it will be necessary to undertake sooner later.


An integral solution for your law firm.


Dynamics 365 Lawyers is a technological solution designed to improve the management of law firms, by optimizing its resources, carrying out a strict economic control and solving any problems regarding cybersecurity, as well as, facilitating independence and mobility to all lawyers in the firm.

It is an integral tool that responds to all management needs of a modern law firm and paves the obstacles so that companies in the legal sector can achieve their business goals.


The system incorporates the automatic creation of cases and customers, and provides control of all areas of management for each case: rates, payments made to third parties on behalf of the customer, provisions of funds issued, charge of hours worked, advance payments and control of the work in progress with automatic accounting posting of it.


Dynamics 365 Lawyers also covers the multiple possibilities that may occur in relation to billing, from the one made to different customers by the same or by different cases to the management of pre-invoicing.


The system also offers the automatic execution of sales budgets and the elaboration of comprehensive analysis of each area, as well as, the preparation of team and financial reports. The financial information is generated and managed in real time, ensuring the accounting reflection of each operation and the absolute control of all activities and documentation produced by the company.


Dynamics 365 Lawyers is fully customizable and presents the advantages of a cloud platform by integrating ERP, CRM, Office, BI and other technological services that will ensure the digital future of your law firm.


Overall, it is, a powerful tool able to satisfy the demands of the firms in the legal domain, and provide a solid answer to the management required by those corporations that have an international network of subsidiaries. In such cases, the most complete version of Dynamics 365 Lawyers enables the direct management of activity from the central company.


Experience and reliability for the digitization of your firm.


The IFR Group has been developing global business solutions for more than three decades and has established itself as a reference in the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Our in-depth knowledge of the transformation of the legal sector and extensive experience in digitalization we have earned the trust of large law firms, for which we have completed and perfected the Dynamics 365 Lawyers tool. 

Dynamics 365 Lawyers presents itself as a technological support with total reliability to leap your business into the digital world, launching it to Europe and Latin America the first quarter of 2019. Requesting a face-to-face demo will ensure to know the solution and its many possibilities, and will open your firm’s door to new times.