Sage XRT Treasury

Provides visibility into the liquidity of the company in real time, in addition to a medium and long-term overview of the rest of the financial resources, enabling decisions to be made in order to avoid possible problems that may arise.

Sage XRT Treasury
Sage XRT Treasury
Sage XRT Treasury

Sage XRT Treasury is a modular solution, integrated in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, which allows it to adapt to the growing financial needs and complexities of day-to-day treasury management.

Its functions, parameters and analysis provide a summary view of the financial position of companies and are a guide in the basic decisions that organizations must take to optimize their profitability on a daily basis.

Sage XRT Treasury incorporates a whole series of modules to cover the needs of the most demanding treasurers: management of collection and payment forecasts according to cash flow, treasury plan, cash-pooling option, short-term operations management, etc.



Treasury management.
Enables monitoring the daily position and the optimization of balances on the value date.

Banking communication.
Module that enables communicating automatically with banks and the system proactively, importing the bank statement and integrating it into the solution, including all types of protocols and national and international communication methods.
Financial operations.

Enables managing and controlling financing and investment operations, in the medium and long term.

Exchange rate risk.
A module that controls and manages the risk caused by working with foreign currencies in international operations.

Bank reconciliation.
Automates the reconciliation of rule 43 with the banking movements.

Collections and payments.
Manages the generation and sending of remittances of collections and payments, as well as the different levels of security in bank-company and intra-group communications.

Treasury budgets.
Additionally, organizations can extend the features of their management with the XRT modules for treasury budgets, enabling the management and monitoring of the annual treasury budget, thus being able to control the deviations produced between what was expected and what is real.

Automatic accounting.
Generates accounting entry proposals by means of the information extracted from different sources to integrate them directly into the company's accounting system, and others such as electronic signatures, Swiftnet, banking powers and Netting.

Advanced treasury management.
Enables each company to choose, according to its complexity and treasury processes, in which application to use these functionalities and how they will be integrated so as to preserve single data and guarantee the availability and analysis of corporate knowledge.


Avoid staying in the red and having possible budgetary deviations.

Improve working capital and have a global view of the liquidity.

Enjoy complete and specialized coverage.
In cash flow management: payments and collections, financial decisions, currency risk management, payment orders, reconciliation and bank communication.

Improve decision making by eliminating uncertainties.

Reduce liquidity and market risks.

Reduce costs derived from manual tasks.

Improve the effectiveness of financial management.

Choose where you want to have your solution. 
Offers the possibility of choosing to have the solution in equipment in your office or, if you prefer, in the cloud, accessed with a Web browser.