Dynamics 365 Mobility

Companies today need to be prepared to be capable of almost immediately acting and responding, for this reason they need to have information and knowledge at their disposal at any time.

Dynamics 365 Mobility
Dynamics 365 Mobility
Dynamics 365 Mobility

Dynamics 365 Mobility solutions, online and offline, based on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, can be integrated both in the cloud and in your own infrastructure, allowing interaction with the management platform to always be fast, agile and in real time.

Microsoft's technological platforms, on which these solutions are based, have been designed and constructed to facilitate mobility in the use of functionality and the consumption of knowledge from organizations.
Dynamics 365 Mobility makes all mobility management available to companies, as they are solutions built to allow access from any place and any device. In addition, they have accessible functionality without any connection for en-route work profiles.



Mobility in commercial management and customer service.
Keep working while on-the-go by means of the apps available in Microsoft Dynamics AppSource.

Mobility in advanced warehouse management.
Other work-mobility features provided for by the platform include advanced warehouse management (locations, picking, inventory, receptions, etc.) or the management of the production plant (times, usage, notifications of finished product, etc.); all of which are available for specific plant devices and fully built into the management solution.

Mobility in analytical management.
The reports and indicators are available while on-the-go and in real time thanks to Power BI, Microsoft's definitive tool for data analysis, together with the Cortana Intelligence Suite with behaviour prediction.

Extendable mobility for any need.
Additionally, the platform enables building, through the mobility tools of Microsoft Dynamics 365 or through specific development projects, a multitude of mobility solutions for any sectorial or particular need coming from a specific business.

Mobility in the supply chain and in the sales cycle.
These solutions cover any need in the supply chain and the sales cycle, integrating the latest trends and technologies such as voice or gesture recognition, real-time information analysis or the incorporation of cognitive analysis elements.



Always have the information at your disposal.
Obtain your company's knowledge when and where you need it.

Get the information in real time.
Gather the information on your business cycles where and when they occur.

Stay online.
With the new work trends that require mobility.

Achieve the productivity you need.
Freeing people from their workplace and transferring their productivity wherever they happen to be.

Improve customer service.
Streamlining the daily tasks of the sales team and customer service.

Centralize in a single provider.
Solution and mobility infrastructure under a single provider.

Have your mobile solutions available both in the cloud and locally.
Dynamics 365 solutions for mobility can be available both in the cloud and in your own infrastructure.

Stay on the cutting edge of technology.
Obtain the benefits of full functionality for the sector and the most integrated technology platform on the market.