Dynamics 365 Fashion

The need to introduce products on the market efficiently, quickly and profitably in order to satisfy customer demand.

Dynamics 365 Fashion
Dynamics 365 Fashion
Dynamics 365 Fashion

Dynamics 365 Fashion is a global, comprehensive and scalable solution, based on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which manages, in a single omni-channel platform, all the productive processes of companies in the fashion sector. This solution provides the power, simplicity and agility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and adds the features necessary for the management of the fashion sector. Dynamics 365 fashion enables you to manage all information regarding products, introduce variables, provide the flexibility that businesses need and bring visibility to the operations.

IFR's solution for the fashion industry includes all the products and services that, year after year, IFR has been selecting, testing and integrating into its solution: Dynamics 365 Retail, solutions based on Cortana Analytics that help to understand consumer habits and behavior, sales solutions by catalogue in mobility, PLM solutions for the management of the product life cycle, from design to sale, treasury such as XRT, services for many areas adjacent to ERP and CRM, such as BI, Machine Learning or Internet of Things, document management under Microsoft Sharepoint, products and services for infrastructure both in the cloud and on premises, and many more. A global solution, designed by IFR, so that all your needs are covered in an integrated platform.


Covers the specific needs of the sector.
Such as the treatment of size, color, models, seasons, collections, composition, families, subfamilies, size groups within the article data sheet or a multi-segment view of the product throughout the supply chain. The management of seasons, multi-seasons, continuity and reduction contemplating new orders and repetition orders, as well as reserves of material per season, the treatment of substitute or alternative items, the management of blockages by article, color and size in purchase orders, sales and inventory or the ever so frequent management of international suppliers, in addition to being able to foresee purchases based on orders from previous seasons or the management of returns.

It is prepared to display the physical stock, have it available in all sales channels and enable a global management of commercial agreements: adjustments, discounts, multi-product mix discounts, volume discount and the management of commercial templates for large-scale sales. Additionally, it enables calculating commissions according to the type of order, season, family of item or order volume.

Other high-value features for the sector.
The management of defects and exchanges, with their reasons for return, risk management, affecting different points of the supply chain, management of sales forecasts and procurement by master planning, integrated transport and logistics management, WMS and mobility, both in warehouses, with integration with the main manufacturers, and in the entry of seasonal orders, with specific applications or by means of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Portal.



Increase the agility of manufacturing, procurement and shipping processes.
By means of an integrated and flexible environment that enables quickly responding to the changing requirements of the market and the different actors in the supply chain.

Control costs and profitability.
Integrates into a single platform the different distribution channels, the categories and types of articles, seasons and brands, so as to have a detailed analysis of costs and margins, from the supply chain to the finances.

Place the product where the customer is located.
Control in a single multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency system for all channels: self-owned stores, franchises, corners, wholesalers, big-box stores, call center, own and third-party online sales and EDI.

Listen to your customers.
Integration with Social Listening and tools for analyzing, prospecting and forecasting behavior, such as BI, Data Mining, Machine Learning and IoT.
Anticipate events
Anticipate movements in demand and trends with the cognitive analysis systems available in Microsoft Azure.

Stay on the cutting edge of technology.
Obtain the benefits of full functionality for the sector and the most integrated technology platform on the market.