Dynamics 365 Retail

Promote growth, optimize the investment and foster long-lasting relationships with customers, connecting to people, knowledge and processes to reduce the complexity of the supply chain and increase sales.

Dynamics 365 Retail
Dynamics 365 Retail
Dynamics 365 Retail

Dynamics 365 Retail is a global, comprehensive and scalable solution, based on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which manages the processes of the different sales channels in its entirety, placing the customer at the center of the value chain. The solution comprises the point of sale, point of sale in mobility, commercial mobility, B2B and B2C website sales, management of commercial templates for the wholesale business and sales to big-box stores.

Since Dynamics 365 Retail is based on Microsoft products and technology, the solution allows you to maximize your investments with a quick return, since you are ready to innovate by means of adding functionalities at a faster and more profitable pace, which is ideal for growing retailers.

IFR's solution for the retail sector includes all the products and services that, year after year, IFR has been selecting, testing and integrating into its solution: Dynamics 365 Retail, solutions based on Cortana Analytics that help to understand consumer habits and behavior, sales solutions by catalogue in mobility, treasury such as XRT, services for many areas adjacent to ERP and CRM, such as BI, Machine Learning or Internet of Things, document management under Microsoft Sharepoint, products and services for infrastructure both in the cloud and on premises, and many more. A global solution, designed by IFR, so that all your needs are covered in an integrated platform.



Allows for global restocking rules. 
Facilitates the creation of global restocking rules that, integrated with the sales forecasts and the master planning system, reduce stock and prevent unwanted breakages.

Incorporates Web tools (B2B and B2C) and mobile tools.
For online sales and order picking from the distribution channel.

Facilitates locating and tracking the products accurately.
In addition to managing all its features and variants in a structure of ranges for stores and catalogs for online and sales channels in call centers.

Manages all channels hierarchically.
Stores, franchises, call centers, B2B and B2C; within the business organization, being: multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency. This foundation is supplemented with high-value functionalities for the sector, such as the management of ranges and catalogs, the distribution of products and their replenishment, the management of all types of commercial agreements, promotions and gifts, as well as everything related to the management of customer loyalty using cards and points.

Provides a powerful global supply chain management system.
By means of advanced warehouses with mobile devices and integrated in real time, integration with state-of-the-art production systems, subcontracting management and the availability of dashboards to access the main business indicators via the Web.

Complete functionality with specific tools.
Offering knowledge about the situation and brand popularity through Social Listening and knowledge and business prediction with the Cortana Intelligence Suite and Power BI.


Increase the agility of your processes.
Using all the power of an integrated and parameterizable system that has the aim of quickly and efficiently satisfying the changing needs of customers and suppliers.

Optimize the interactions of the chain.
Accelerating your transactions, improving the transparency of your organization and facilitating the extraction of knowledge from your system since it is omni-channel, multi-currency and international.

Place the product where the customer is located.
Controlling all channels in a single system: self-owned stores, franchises, corners, wholesalers, big-box stores, call centers, own and third-party online sales and EDI.
Listen to your customers.
Integrating Social Listening and tools for analyzing, prospecting and forecasting behavior, such as Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning and IoT.

Manage your knowledge.
With the new integrated tools from the Azure platform, lead the retail digital transformation with services such as facial recognition and the identification of feelings through image or voice, or through the cognitive analysis of interactions with your customers.

Stay on the cutting edge of technology.
Obtain the benefits of full functionality for the sector and the most integrated technology platform on the market.