Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a new cloud-based platform for business solutions by Microsoft, with access to ERP and CRM in a single platform and specific applications for each key business process: operations, finance, purchasing, sales, production, quality, projects, customer service, field services or mobile workforce, marketing and human resources.

In addition, on the same platform it is possible to obtain professional tools, such as Power BI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Azure to extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 by incorporating data analysis, workflows and business knowledge.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a model of cloud-based solutions, therefore users of this platform can acquire apps and licenses according to their duties within the company and in the Software as a Service model, which provides great flexibility for coordinating the functionality of this business solution with the structure and operation of the company.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is Microsoft's ERP and CRM platform, with built-in Artificial Intelligence, for integrated and advanced business management for companies.

It facilitates to the users the administration of the integral management of the company in all the levels, finances, sales, services and operations. The business management platform accesses Artificial Intelligence to increase sales and improve customer service, through the CRM integrated into the ERP. It allows business management with the omnichannel and business mobility that companies need. It is the advanced business management platform that helps you manage all the company's resources, scaling in the Microsoft Azure secure cloud, the smart tools you need to manage your business. It allows to offer an improved customer experience, personalizing customer service, automating sales and increasing company revenues.

Dynamics 365 Business Central es el ERP basado en la nube para la Gestión Empresarial integrada de las Pymes que sustituye a Navision, que unifica los datos en una plataforma conectanda a la gestión de las finanzas, operaciones, ventas y servicios, ayudando a la Mediana y Pequeña Empresa a digitalizar y modernizar sus negocios para obtener rentabilidad y beneficios con flujos de procesos optimizados.

Power BI is a suite of business analysis tools that enables data analysis and information sharing. Power BI dashboards offer users a global and complete view with their most important metrics in one place.

The information is updated in real time and is available across all devices. In this way, users can explore the underlying data in the dashboard by using intuitive tools that enable obtaining answers easily.

The process of creating a dashboard panel is simple, since it is done from business applications that are known to the user. In turn, it is completed with additional panels already configured in the standard. Likewise, it provides access to data and reports from anywhere with Power BI Mobile applications, which are updated automatically with the changes that occur in the data.

Power BI es la herramienta de Business Intelligence que permite crear paneles dinámicos e interactivos para analizar grandes volúmenes de datos en Excel, extrayendo información a través de lenguaje natural. 

Los paneles de Power BI ofrecen a los usuarios una vista global y completa con sus métricas más importantes en un mismo lugar. La información se actualiza en tiempo real y está disponible en todos los dispositivos. De este modo, los usuarios pueden explorar los datos subyacentes del panel mediante herramientas intuitivas que permiten obtener respuestas fácilmente.

El proceso de creación de un panel es sencillo, ya que se realiza a partir de aplicaciones de negocio conocidas por el usuario. A su vez, se completa, además, con paneles ya configurados en el estándar. Asimismo, permite acceder a los datos e informes desde cualquier lugar con las aplicaciones móviles de Power BI Mobile, que se actualizan automáticamente con los cambios que se van produciendo en los datos.

Power Automate es la herramienta de Business Intelligence que permite a las Empresas crear flujos de trabajo automatizados para optmizar cualquier proceso de negocio, conectando dos o más aplicaciones y efectuando acciones concretas con el objetivo de mejorar los procesos de gestión automatizando tareas rutinarias que optimizan la gestión empresarial. 

Microsoft Azure es la plataforma de Microsoft en la nube pública que proporciona un completo servicio de Cloud Computing (Computación en la Nube) a las Empresas para construir, probar, desplegar y administrar aplicaciones, soluciones y servicios mediante herramientas con IA  de uso en sus centros de datos.

Microsoft Azure permite desplegar servicios de infraestructuras IaaS para el almacenamiento, redes, máquinas virtuales y plataformas PaaS con bases de datos de alta disponibilidad SQL, CMS para el desarrollo de entornos web y backend para aplicaciones móviles, además de ser compatible con todo tipo de tecnologías es la nube más Cibersegura del mercado TI.  

Microsoft 365 for business boosts business productivity with the best of Office 365.

Thanks to Microsoft 365, companies can access device management, conveniently and easily, with total security, in an environment that users know widely and that connects employees with company information thanks to business intelligence integrated.

It is IFR's value proposition for businesses to reach their maximum potential. The IFR solution that groups together all the added value products and services that IFR offers its customers. This added value is based on choosing the best technology products, the best professionals and the highest level of sectorial experience to always offer the best solution to your business.

IFR, as a Microsoft CSP (Cloud Service Provider) Level 1 partner, can help you in the licensing of Dynamics 365 in all its modes.

There are three licensing models available and they have the ability to be mixed so as to achieve the best solution for your business and your budget.

Applications: The various Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions such as Finance and Operations, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Server Automation and Talent, can be licensed separately with different levels of access: Company, Activity and Team.

Plans: Users who need access to different CRM solutions, such as Sales, Customer Service, Field Service or Project Server Automation, can do so with a single license plan. Additionally, there is an advanced plan for users that not only combine the use of different CRM solutions but also need access to Finance and Operations (ERP).

Team Members: Team licensing is across the board with regards to the applications and plans. It enables us to define members of our organization with 'lite' access to the solutions, but it gives us very powerful permission levels such as, for example, complete access in reading all the Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications or participating in workflow approval processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of solutions that Microsoft provides by means of Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is the cloud platform with the most certifications in the market and the only one with integrated privacy systems. Microsoft Azure converts the security of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions into a priority for the global fulfillment of its responsibilities.

Yes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a service created for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's public cloud, but Microsoft's licensing allows for local and private cloud or hybrid environments.

Microsoft has created the most powerful and innovative business solutions platform in the cloud. These solutions cover three broad areas: productivity and collaboration by means of Office 365; business through Microsoft Dynamics 365 and business knowledge with Power BI and the Cortana Intelligence suite.

Your organization can benefit from the use of these solutions in a common data model, which facilitates the ability to use the solutions by your employees, taking advantage of knowledge thanks to a common  data model in all of the platform's applications and managing the life cycles of the products thanks to the unified licensing and the centralized management of your Microsoft products.

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