Dynamics 365 Lawyers

The intensive use of technology, responding to the new needs of clients and the risks in information security are some of the key issues for law firms.

Dynamics 365 Lawyers
Dynamics 365 Lawyers
Dynamics 365 Lawyers

Law firms must have the capacity to organize and optimize their resources with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, while at the same having strict economic control of their cases. These companies need a time and billing management system that provides flexibility, mobility and independence to the firm's partners and lawyers.

Dynamics 365 Lawyers is a global, comprehensive and scalable solution, based on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, divided into various specific modules that cover all the typical tasks and processes in the activities of the legal profession.



Manages contacts, opportunities and case entries.
The first step is the verification of conflict resolution such as money laundering or terrorism. Once validated and following an approval flow, the opportunity will automatically become a case.

Complete control of matters starting from the source.
Enables managing retaining fees and reimbursements, as well as resources and employees with allocation of hours, expenses and WIP.

Pre-invoicing and billing process.
Allows us to establish rates by seniority and launch a pre-billing process that provides the option of reviewing (write-off, markup, etc.) and the automatic generation of invoices.
Complete economic and management analysis.
Dashboards, production analysis, billing reports, team reports, WIP target of the month, P&L and financial reports.

The entire solution is Web-based (HTML5).
In this way you have total mobility regardless of the device used.



Analyze your business from any perspective.
Dynamics 365 Lawyers facilitates an analysis by client, subject, partner, resource, type of case, region, district, etc.

Make reliable decisions.
The solution enables knowing the situation of the case, profitability and the degree of progress at all times, thanks to the dashboard and the statistics.

Improve the return on your investment.
Fast deployment and the firm's staff being able to adapt to its use easily make it a tool with a quick return on investment.

Manage finances more efficiently.
Enables financial control from any office and by each one of the partners in an efficient way.

Stay on the cutting edge of technology.
Obtain the benefits of full functionality for the sector and the most integrated technology platform on the market.