Microsoft BI

Advanced analysis and data display functions enable companies to make successful decisions.

Business Intelligence

With Business Intelligence users will be able to plan, budget and make forecasts by creating detailed models, flexible plans synchronized between departments and organizational hierarchies.

The personalized comprehensive dashboard expands the scope of business intelligence and enables teams to participate in the administration process, giving access to company information based on the role taken on by each person within the organization.



An OLAP cube is a structured database so that the analysis of information is as agile as possible.

Enables analyzing the information from different perspectives depending on the dimensions created. All of the cubes enable an analysis by means of the analytical dimensions of Dynamics at the time of implementation.

All of these cubes are multi-company, thus being able to make the reports only once and then filter by the selected company.

All the standard cubes incorporate the financial dimensions defined in Dynamics at the time of their implementation.

The cubes enable analyzing the information contained in Microsoft Dynamics. Other data sources can also be incorporated (must be analyzed).

Cubes can be accessed from different customer tools, such as Excel, PowerPivot, Power BI, etc. In this regard, it has open architecture on which you can perform an analysis with a multitude of tools.

Reports only have to be made once, which are automatically updated at the time they are opened.

The data updates unattended in the databases. Enables updating the report data without having to recreate it.

Enables an analysis through filters and segments, comparisons, deviations, accumulations, etc., in an easy and simple way.


Standard Cube

IFR's standard cubes provide solutions to a series of analysis needs by customers from the tens of projects of Microsoft Dynamics and Business Intelligence that IFR has accumulated in its more than thirty years of operation.

The cubes compile information from Microsoft Dynamics, and can incorporate information from other data sources, such as historical, sectorial data, other interfaces and applications connected to ERP, etc.

With the cubes that the customer decides to implement, the visibility of your company's data will be taken to the next level. The key business information will be displayed immediately and intuitively.
The analysis of information can be carried out from various tools and technologies such as Excel, PowerPivot, Power BI, SharePoint, etc.

Since they are generic analysis tools for Dynamics, and created by IFR, the deployment of these cubes is performed on a really tight deadline because it is based on the standard.

These cubes are generic solutions capable of customizations and parameterizations as well as other needs that the customer would like to incorporate into each business area.

All the cubes are multi-company and incorporate all the analytical dimensions defined in Microsoft Dynamics.