Manage all the elements of meat production, from the live animal and its genetics to the tray for the final customer.

Dynamics 365 Meat
Dynamics 365 Meat

Dynamics 365 Meat

Dynamics 365 Meat is a comprehensive, global and scalable solution, based on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which enables managing all the necessary elements in animal production, from the live animal entering the farm to its exit on a tray or as a finished meat product. The solution eliminates the complicated compatibility of different system applications, avoiding delicate information transfer processes and the duplicity of data entry, since the entire business volume is managed under a single Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

In addition, Dynamics 365 Meat guarantees multi-company management and incorporates tools for advanced treasury management and commercial template management for sales to big-box stores.

IFR's solution for the meat sector includes all the products and services that year after year IFR has been selecting, testing and integrating into its solution: technical solutions for sow farms such as IFR Pig Control, mobility to capture movements in farms, settlement calculations with slaughterhouses and farmers, integrations with classification systems, treasury such as XRT, services from many areas adjacent to ERP and CRM, such as BI, Machine Learning or the Internet of Things, document management under Microsoft Sharepoint, products and services for infrastructures in the cloud such as on premises and much much more.

A global solution, designed by IFR, so that all your needs are covered in an integrated platform.


Contract management.
Provides key features such as the control of raw material contracts, with different conditions, withdrawals and laytimes, as well as the related transportation or connection with scales for the receipt of raw materials.

Creation of material lists.
From the standard market nutrition files, generation of labels and management of medicated feed and recipes.

Integration of farms.
Management of the integration of farms, through the control of batch production cycles, so that a farming operation account is available per farm and lot, as well as incorporating the settlement processes of the integrations.

Slaughterhouses and meat processing.
Provides for receipt and slaughter processes as well as the control of the areas for quartering, finished products and the dryer.

Quartering and finished products areas.
Enables data capturing in the plant by means of touch screens, integration with intermediate systems and the centralized management of the labels for different types of processes and working models, such as the management of hot cutting, ventilation, fresh products, the management of freezing rooms and frozen products.


Decrease your maintenance and development costs.
By integrating all your processes into a single platform and multi-company and international business solution.
Prevent redundancy and errors in your operations.
Due to the transfer of information between your different lines of business and companies.

Respond effectively to changes.
With a dynamic system that enables you to decide in an efficient and flexible way when to produce or send to a maquila.

Integrate all of your company's businesses.
The Dynamics 365 Meat Sectorsolution covers the needs of your business in the meat sector, whatever your industry and specialization.

Unify your management.
Unify all your business solutions with Dynamics 365 Meat Products: ERP, CRM, SGA, mobility, unified communications, productivity and knowledge management.

Stay on the cutting edge of technology.
Obtain the benefits of full functionality for the sector and the most integrated technology platform on the market.