Dynamics 365 Lawyers is now available in the Microsoft AppSource.

Dynamics 365 Lawyers is now available in the Microsoft AppSource.

We are happy to announce that our Dynamics 365 Lawyers solution is now available in the Microsoft AppSource, the portal that brings together all kinds of enterprise applications offered by certified partners.


Dynamics 365 Lawyers is a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of the management of a law firm. Intended to organize the work of professionals and save time by, essentially, avoiding repetitive tasks, the tool provides automatic creation of cases and customers and making possible a strict control and follow-up of each case.

Dynamics 365 Lawyers also offers a highly reliable response to cybersecurity problems and guarantees the optimization of the resources of the firm. Its flexibility allows a perfect adaptation to the growth of the company and an easy integration of the areas that suit the needs of the office.


Third party expenses management

It is very common that the payments to third parties on behalf of the client, have certain management difficulties in a law firm. With the IFR’s integral solution, the control of such payments is simplified and secured in each of its phases: proposal, accounting and collection.

Independence and mobility. Hours allocation

Another of the most valued features of our tool is the mobility and independence that provides to the lawyers of the firm. The easy access to information also benefits the professional support staff of the firm, as it can increase their achieving and managing capacity without relying on the physical presence of colleagues or partners.

On the other hand, the system allows an accurate allocation of the hours devoted to the case of each professional based on factors such as the nominal amount, billing status, and the actual amount of turnover.


An appropriate management solution must be able to cope with the changes required by the growth or expansion of the business. It is one of the strengths of Dynamics 365 Lawyers, presenting an extraordinary level of flexibility by offering the option of adding functions and resources as required in business. Thus, the tool conforms easily to the workload of the firm and maintains its effectiveness in all phases of their growth.

Reliability and experience

IFR Group has over thirty years of experience. It has developed multiple business solutions and provided service to more than two hundred sectors of professional activity. Our journey in the legal field is backed by the trust of major law firms committed to innovation as the key to their growth.

That trust is what has allowed us to test, develop and enhance Dynamics 365 Lawyers, a tool that has already been integrated for the functioning of these large firms, and has established itself as a reference for the companies of the legal sector seeking to increase productivity and achieve their business goals.

If you are at the head of a law firm, we invite you to learn about Dynamics 365 Lawyers and discover just how our solution can transform your business. Request a face-to-face demo before the release to Europe and Latin America and take the most important step for the growth of your firm.