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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the most advanced, powerful and open option in the cloud market. The only one that provides a service to companies at all levels, whatever their need: platform, infrastructure or solutions as a service.

The wide range of services Microsoft Azure offers helps organizations create, deploy and manage applications through Microsoft's global network of data centers. The platform enables you to choose the deployment method, connecting resources in the cloud as well as local resources, in a hybrid model with open source technologies, to maximize portability and at the same time pay off existing investments.

Power Platform

Companies require agile analysis and need to facilitate the knowledge of the business. They need a methodology that leads to ad-hoc displays, covers specific needs and empowers corporate users. In this way, users will be agile when it comes to generating knowledge, modifying reports, creating new analyses and sharing that knowledge with the rest of the organization.

Power BI and the Cortana Intelligence Suite facilitate the composition of data models, the creation of Big Data prototypes, the preparation of reports and the proper distribution of information to the target user. All this across the board according to the needs of the companies.