Demystifying cloud computing and big data for small and midsize businesses.

Demystifying cloud computing and big data for small and midsize businesses.

Big data isn’t just for big businesses.

Cloud computing and big data are no longer just buzz words, they are driving business transformation even for small and midsize businesses. By bringing together business applications and familiar productivity tools, the cloud can now offer the insights you need to better understand your customers and drive your success.


Intelligence as an advantage. Everything around us is measured, effectively making every business now a data-driven one. How can that be used to your advantage? Intelligent business solutions combine people, data, systems, and processes for a real-time view of what’s going on. Watching these data shifts can lead to more successful decision-making, such as where and how to engage customers and which services to offer.

Clear view of business performance. Customized by IFR GROUP to meet your needs, Microsoft business solutions bring together operational power and customer insights to give you a holistic view of the data that makes up your business and your customer decisions. With that 360-degree view, you can identify time and cost savings, areas for performance boosts, and manual processes that can be automated for efficiency.

Transforming your business with data. Many small and midsize business are already seeing marked improvements in financial management and tangible time savings by automating manual reporting processes. Examples include reducing month-end closing time and recovering hundreds of hours a year in time spent processing transactions. And by capturing operational and customer data in real time, many organizations are now able to provide a level of service to their customers that sets them apart from competitors.

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